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Please be warned that US President Donald Trump is making a hurried state visit to Warsaw on 5 and 6 July. He is supposed to arrive on Wednesday in the afternoon, stay at the Marriott Hotel in the center of Warsaw and make a speech at a location near the Old Town, quite near the State Archaeological Museum, before leaving Poland in the early afternoon of the day. There will be heightened security at the airport, closed streets, traffic difficulties, ID checks. Demonstrations have been announced in the general area of the Old Town and around the University.

Those planning to travel in and out of Warsaw on Wednesday or Thursday should plan for unexpected circumstances.

The Organizers are staying abreast of the situation and we shall inform you of developments. Please be sure to have an ID with you at all times and check with the Registration Desk for the latest info.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

The Red Sea 8 Organizing Committee



The best place to stay for the conference will be in the vicinity of the main campus of the University of Warsaw, somewhere along the Royal Tract (Krakowskie Przedmieście St., see the map below). This will put you within walking distance of the University, right in the heart of the city center and near the historic Old Town.

There are still vacancies in hostels and hotels in the 50 to 100 EUR range per night, but please book soon!



Official Tourist Website of Warsaw

Jak dojadę  Internet service providing an interactive public transport journey planner. Input start and destination address and the application will spawn possible connections taking into account buses, tramways and subway.

Veturilo - public bikes system.

Public Transport Authority of the capital city of Warsaw
Żelazna 61 00-848 Warszawa • infoline 24h: 19 115


WKD – Warsaw Commuter Railway website (timetables, line maps, ticket prices)

SKM– Rapid Municipal Railway (timetables, line maps, ticket prices)

Following taxi companies are recommended by Warsaw airport:

Sawa Taxi 22 644 44 44
Super Taxi      196 22
Ele Taxi 22 811 11 11